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SMA is a digital platform that connects board certified family practice & emergency medicine doctors (users) with confused individuals (customers) in need of their medical expertise. 

What is Sound Medical Advice

Sound Medical Advice (SMA) connects primary care doctors (board certified in family practice and emergency medicine) with users in their own social networks. 

Welcome to Sound medical advice

The SMA Dual Value Proposition

  • SMA provides tailored high quality medical expertise to customers through a convenient web-based portal.  
  • SMA connects primary care doctors (users) to customers in need of their medical expertise while providing a secondary source of income outside 9am-5pm clinical medical work.

About SMA

SMA is a digital platform that connects board certified family practice & emergency medicine doctors (users) with confused individuals (customers) in need of their medical expertise. In addition to providing a flexible, passive, and secondary stream of income to doctors, SMA prevents customers from inconvenient, time consuming, and expensive emergency department (ED) visits by answering medical questions in a timely fashion. Primary care doctors surveyed indicate that they are already engaged in medical information exchanges via text and email. Additional customer research indicates that with increased access to medical expertise, patients will avoid unnecessary trips to urgent cares and emergency departments— a public health imperative.


Our Solution & Market Size

  • Provides text and email based medical advice to customers.
  • Prevents costly and time-consuming trips to urgent cares and EDs.
  • Generates passive income for doctors while they are away from their clinics
    (maternity leave, living abroad, semi-retired).
  • Gives LEP communities culturally sensitive and trustworthy medical information.

Our Mission

Sound Medical Advice has a threefold mission:

  • SMA seeks to empower primary care doctors (Family Practice, Emergency Medicine)
  • SMA seeks to combat misinformation.
  • SMA seeks to prevent inconvenient, expensive, and unnecessary emergency department visits.

Joe Leary is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Doctor with degrees from the University of Notre Dame (B.S.), Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), and the Harvard School of Public Health (MPH). He currently practices emergency medicine in the greater Boston metropolitan area. SMA was conceived as a strategy to combat medical misinformation, make medical experts more accessible, and prevent patients from unnecessary emergency department (ED) visits. The SMA model has been refined with the help of world-class mentorship through Harvard’s Innovation Labs and the Chan School of Public Health. Dr. Leary continues to refine SMA as part of the lab’s “start it” program. This website is intended to serve as a minimally viable product.

Learn more about Dr. Leary and connect with him on LinkedIn and the Harvard Health Systems Innovation Lab and the Harvard I-Lab.

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